Jay Bennett


The Strangers

After watching in preparation for the sequel, I think I'm done giving the strangers chances. There's only so much time you can give one of the horror communities most loved home invasion films before accepting you'll never see the hype.

What makes this even more disappointing is after a strong first third the film seems to crumble apart falling back to normality, what started off utilising an eerie score to feel the comfortableness our protagonists are forcing the seemingly spacious cabin to feel claustrophobic seems to do its job and departs the movie quicker than my attention span. The first scares are built up to well with this masterful tension, however this is the extent of creativity in using horror tropes effectively and the film becomes tiresome shockingly fast.

Jump scares can be used sparingly and effectively (see; James Wan) and have the primary focus to shock the character the story is being told through, unfortunately this is the only way the director knows how to conclude a set piece with 4th wall breaking and a tedious violin screech which im oh tired of at this point. the claims of being a true story began and ended at "a home invasion happened", I deduce this because no real person, even in a situation like this would follow through on some of the implausible decisions made in a home invasion movie.

Being the horror shill I am, here's to hoping the sequel surpasses my expectations, but seeing the current state of studio horror, I cant help but predict the worst.

Jay Bennett